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Medical Fundraising is a fundraising   initiative to help COVID-19 victims. 


There is a multitude of wonderful sites that work on raising funds for research and getting medical help for COVID-19 victims. We are slightly different from these sites. Our mission is to help at least 5 individuals or families per week whose lives have been directly affected by COVID-19. Our approach is far more personalized as we directly interact with the selected individuals. 


We have a vetting process in place that is used to finalize the 5 individuals/families and we work on raising funds for these specific people via Medical Fundraising. 


Your donation will DIRECTLY go to the individuals that have been selected by Medical Fundraising. These funds will help the families of the COVID-19 victims to get timely medical treatment for the patient and much more. 

Take action now !

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies everywhere affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The world is coming together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic bringing governments, organizations from across industries and sectors and individuals together to help respond to this global outbreak. The outpouring of global solidarity and support sparked by this shared challenge has been phenomenal. - W.H.O


The world has never faced a crisis like COVID-19. The pandemic is impacting communities everywhere. It’s never been more urgent to support the global response. The humanity, solidarity and generosity of people and organizations everywhere is also unprecedented. But we can’t stop now. - W.H.O

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