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Ayaz’s story

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Ayaz ali’s story

We have set up this gofund me page for all the family and friends that have asked if they can donate to help support Ayaz. Every donation is a blessing.

Dear donators

We write with a heavy heart the story of what happened to our son , our nephew , our grandson , our cousin, our sweet strong boy.

Ayaz ali is two years old and on the 2nd of august 2022 Ayaz had a terrible life changing accident. He fell from a height onto his head and while staying fully concious through the pain , he was transported to a near by hospital from his home.

Ayaz had to go straight in for brain surgery .

He was in surgery for hours , however before going into surgery we got told that the operation was a massive risk and he may not come around after it. We had no choice but to go ahead with it, whilst all his family were waiting anxiously in the waiting room.

Four hours later finally some news “ the surgery went well but part of his skull was crushed, we are not sure how he will be when he wakes up but he is stable for now.

Ayaz was then transferred again to Mugla University hospital children's unit where he stayed in intensive care , mum Kelsie and baba Mehmet Ali, didnt leave the hospital for one moment , and family and friends joined them for support.

Day after day we prayed and hoped for news that hes going to be okay . He slowly improved every day but being so young had to stay sedated so he could rest and not pull out his wires.

We write this gofund me weeks on as ayaz is now almost fully un sedated but still in intensive care , he has a huge brain surgery scar , the left side of his body is paralyzed from head to toe , he has to be fed from a feeding tube and has damage to his brain.

We are so happy that He is aware of who we are and hes able to slightly say words with his best effort. He is such a brave strong boy. We are so proud of how much he has fought over these past two weeks and we pray he keeps fighting.

The hospital Ayaz is currently at have made it clear that there is no further help in regards to his physio or brain that they can give us therefore we are looking to move onto private care as soon as ayaz is strong enough.

Ayaz will have to have a long road of recovery, rehabilitation and therapy and we pray to get him moving again with the best treatment we can find.

Please help us bring our little boy back to have the best life he can have

Kind regards

Kelsie & Mehmet

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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