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Beloved Nurse, Jon Rosen, Battling COVID-19

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Nobody could have imagined that Jonathan Rosen - beloved husband to June, a dad, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend would get sick with COVID-19. Nobody could have imagined that Jon - a longtime healthcare professional, a former paramedic, and a nurse - would be on a ventilator in the ICU for weeks.

And nobody could have fathomed that, while on life support, his employer abruptly would cut off his pay, forcing his family to face devastating circumstances as he fights for his life.

Jon got sick while working on the frontline as a healthcare professional. He started his career as a nurse, moved into medical device sales management, and was working on an exciting new startup project when he was recruited to work as a Nursing Supervisor in a senior health care facility. COVID-19 was beginning to show up across the country. He was concerned for the safety of his staff and patients and fought for their protection.

This is how he got sick. He contracted the virus while caring for patients at the health care facility. 

At first, he thought he would manage his symptoms at home. But, as a medical professional, he knew when he was getting worse and when he had to go. After being at home sick for two weeks, he was taken to the emergency room by ambulance on April 24th. 

It was the last time he and his wife June saw each other. 

For well over a month now, Jon's best friend and loving wife June has been holding it together, in touch several times a day with his extraordinary medical team at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ, all of whom are giving Jon the best care to help him battle this horrific virus.

June is doing her best to keep her own energy and spirits positive... for Jon and their kids. This has been the most painful and frightening time of their lives.

One of the hardest parts is not being able to be there.

Brilliant and kind, Jon is a man of extraordinary wisdom and strength. He's a storyteller, musician, and huge-hearted human being. He's surrounded by massive love, positive energy, and support from his family and friends, far and wide. Will you join us?

We are a true "LOVE ARMY" of family and friends (and friends of friends!) gathering community to support Jon and his family. All of us, focusing our positive energies and hopes that Jon recovers soon and comes home. 

The road ahead will be long and difficult. Right now, they need all the support we can build together to let Jon and his family focus on healing. #LoveArmy4Jon #LoveArmyNeedsYou.

Please contribute whatever you can to this GoFundMe page in his name. Every bit means the world! Every bit helps builds a loving safety net for this incredible family. 

We are all counting the hours and days until June gets the call from his incredible doctors and nurses that he is awake and on his way to a full recovery. Until then, we wait and pray. We keep our spirits up. We channel our collective love, strength, and positive energy to Jon. Please join our efforts. Help us show June and Jon and their incredible family that the #LoveArmy4Jon has got their back!

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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