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Corona Virus Kawasaki Recovery Journey

Please click here to donate via GoFundMe.

Your donation will go directly to Elizabeth Diaz

Please donate generously and kindly leave a comment below.

For more information:

My nephew is currently in ICU on a ventilator With Corona and Kawasaki Virus. This is very hard time for my sister and Her 3 kids. At a time like this it is  very hard to be asking for help.  She has been at children's hospital with my nephew and also trying to care for her family.  It's been hard financially on her with Living  expenses. With her not working at the time, bills and essential needs for her and her kids have been hard.  The family helps out as much as possible. She Is uncertain as to how long he will be in ICU. If you can help in any way or want to show your support feel free to share/ donate to cover expenses for medical bills and living expenses  and even if you can’t, your positive thoughts and prayers mean the world. We’re here for you Brian and we’re going to get through this together! *

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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