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COVID 19 Medical Expenses Roberto Uribe

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Our family needs your help –

Roberto Uribe, our devoted father, husband, grandfather, brother, friend, dedicated employee at Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow for more than thirty years tested positive for COVID-19 back on April 17th. He has been battling the virus since April 20th, 2020, when he was first admitted to Phelps ER for shortness of breath, cough and very high fever. He was diagnosed with severe hypoxia, bilateral diffused pneumonia and eventually ARDS (Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome).

While at times it seemed things looked to turn for the better – unfortunately just a week later on April 28th, he was urgently transferred to ICU and intubated while placed on a ventilator. After several failed attempts at weaning him off the ventilator, doctors advised us it would best to perform a tracheostomy which would involve placing a tube via an incision thru his neck to help him breathe better. He would spend the next three weeks under extreme supervision and care.

With great jubilation, On May 21st, our father was discharged from Phelps ICU to an LTACH, a long term acute care hospital in New Jersey away from his family. He had tested negative twice for COVID-19 prior to discharge but the damage was already done. While at this LTACH, he will be receiving extensive amounts of treatments and therapies in hopes to wean him completely off the ventilator safely and get him breathing independently again. We all know that he will get through this and we understand that this will be a long road to recovery.

Please understand this has been both a nightmare and a challenge for our family. Although we cannot put a price on life, unfortunately bills do still come in, not only for rent or regular daily expenses but also for medical bills thereafter.  This is where we need your help – please donate to our cause. No donation is too little, anything will be accepted with great gratitude and appreciation from the bottom of our hearts.

A sweet, loving, funny, and compassionate person, our father is missed by many, especially by his beloved wife Margarita, three children, Roberto Jr, Marcelo and Daniela, and three grandkids, Isaiah, Jesiah, and Valentina.

Thank you

Uribe Family

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