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COVID-19 Relief for Dr. Michael and Carla Wood

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For more information:

We need your help! On July 7th, Carla Scotto Wood was admitted to the hospital with life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19. She is still there receiving treatment, and is responding well. However, Dr. Wood and her youngest son are ill at home, awaiting COVID test results and monitoring their symptoms.

Because of these unfortunate events, Americana Animal Hospital is no longer open to provide services to their loyal clients and beloved rescue agencies. Not only is the family experiencing financial hardship due to the virus, but the practice is closed right now and unable to accrue enough income to operate when the Woods recover and safely return to work.

Dr. Michael and Carla Wood are wonderful people and pillars of the Animal Healthcare community. They go above and beyond for sick, vulnerable, and abandoned animals. Both Michael and Carla have many stories about rescuing animals—kittens left on the doorstep of the hospital, an old dog forfeited by their owner, nursing malnourished puppies back to health, you name it. Aside from the animals, Carla has a big heart for the humans who love animals. She spends hours on the phone throughout the week, patiently guiding clients through the grief and anxiety that comes with taking care of a sick pet. Americana Animal Hospital may be small, but their hearts are huge, and their support is felt across the state through their willingness to work with shelters and many dog and cat rescues. The Woods are so generous with their time and expertise when it comes to caring for North Carolina’s countless abandoned animals. During the pandemic they were deemed essential, working 7 days a week up until coming down with Corona virus last week. So many people and animals sorely miss Dr. and Carla Wood; we are all counting on them to make a quick and easy recovery.

Despite their sickness and immense fatigue, Carla and Dr. Wood are STILL reaching out —from their home and hospital bed—to check on their family and hospital staff to make sure everything and everyone is okay.

Now it’s the community’s turn to give back some of their kindness and generosity. As a small, family owned business, AAH cannot survive for long without the presence of Michael and Carla. While love is a necessary tool in caring for animals, so are medicines, medical supplies, and a team of dedicated staff members. Please consider donating and sharing this Go Fund Me with others to help the family with medical expenses and the necessary costs of operating their business while it remains closed for Michael and Carla to fully recover and return to work safely.

Every little bit helps. The proceeds from this Go Fund Me will go directly to Carla’s daughter, Maria Wood, an administrator of this fundraiser, who, along with her sister are tirelessly taking care of all of all of the ill family members at home and running errands for the business. They are so incredibly moved by the support of others, and the love from the North Carolina Animal Healthcare community. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well. Thank you so much for your support and kindness during this hardship. We can’t get through this without each other.

*Thank you to Felicia Spadini, director of Old North Canine Rescue for partnering to write this.* ONCR is one of the MANY rescues that Dr and Carla Wood have partnered with to help save the lives of pets in our community.

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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