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ED Nurse And Baby Tested Positive For COVID-19

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ER Nurse and 7 Month Old Son Positive For Covid-19

Hi, my name is Herine Baron. I am an ER Nurse in South Florida. I am raising money to help my family for the hardships caused during the Covid-19 quarantine. During the influx of patients caused by the pandemic, I cared for patients who were either screened for Covid -19 or on droplet precaution.  Not too long after that, I learned I was positive for Covid-19. I started feeling symptoms four days after my exposure to the patient. It started with a high-grade fever and chills. After feeling extremely dehydrated and felt my heart rate accelerating, I asked my husband to drive me to the hospital to get tested. It was positive for Covid-19 and two other strains of the SARS family.

Even though prior to the diagnosis I spent time with my family members including my 7-month old son, the hospital I was in refused to test my family after learning I was positive and in the house with them. Finally after a second round of phone calls were made, they finally got tested and the next day were still pending the results. I called the children’s hospital to inquire about testing my son and they said he doesn't need to be swabbed because he had no symptoms. Later that night, my son spiked a fever and my husband rushed him to the children’s ER where they finally tested my son, and he too was found positive for the Covid-19 virus. 

During my stay at the hospital, my son was being cared for by my husband and parents, neither of which had any Paid Time Off or Sick Leave. Since my family has all been exposed by either me or my son, everyone is in quarantine which means no one has been able to go to work. My father is an electrician and my husband is a U.S. Marines Veteran and we could use your help. We, like so many others around the world, have already experienced so much as a result of the pandemic. We will be forever grateful for any amount -however great or small as the road to recovery is still ahead of us. My son and I still have to recover and test negative twice before we are considered “out of the woods”.  We will provide updates either here or on my YouTube channel “ Hello Herine” is usually a light-hearted channel about family and motherhood that has now been used to update my family and loved ones on our condition.

Thank you again and God Bless You, 

Herine and Malcolm.

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