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Family Homeless During COVID-19 Crisis!

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At the worst time possible, my boys and I are homeless. We are at the mercy of charitable organizations and resources that dwindle by the day. My brother is sharing his truck with us to keep us off the literal street. We usually hang out at the park most of the day, to have somewhere to go with the (almost) 3 year old. But as of today that will be a crime. And the schools have been an awesome help with breakfast and lunch for the kids on the weekdays. But with all the new rules we are running out of places that will be able to allow us to get some hot water for cup o noodles. Or microwave for the ramen or easy mac. And good luck finding a place that CAN let you use the bathroom. It's almost illegal to be homeless at this point. And Most shelters aren't taking in new people (even if there were any that could take men with kids). On top of all that I spent most of today going through an "E.T. Quarantine" like experience as my youngest son (almost 3) Jesse has a bad cough from roughing it in damp weather. This of course put us on the "possible Corona victim" side of the er feeling like an outbreak monkey. Note this IS where anyone who actually had it would be sent as well (increasing the risk or us getting it from them).  Life on the street is rough, especially on children.  On the first I will have some money, but not enough to get into a place. We need help with that. I have tried everything I can think of to get us off the street. But without money that's just not possible. I just want a warm safe place for my kids to sleep, to shower, potty, cook, eat, and store food. We just need a home.

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