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Fighting For My Family

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Hello, my name is Raul Ospina jr I am 17 years old, and I am writing to you because I am living the most horrible nightmare, that I never imagined, to lose My father RAUL OSPINA Yes, unfortunately another victim of Covid 19 We live in Alvin Texas, my 13-year-old sister Camila Ospina, my mother and I, a humble but very happy family,due to this pandemic my dad Lost his job and being our only livelihood he had to go to work on a fishing boat in Alaska, where he could only work for a month as the season was ending, he prepared to return home where we expected him today, August 10 But I never arrive The one who arrived was a police officer with the fateful news, he had been suffering from a decayed cough and other symptoms of COVID-19 for more than a week, he even said that the food there in Washington state did not taste like anything and my dad came driving an old car he was able to buy but when he got to a gas station entering Texas he went to the bathroom with a strong cough and pain in his chest he fainted he was transported by ambulance to the hospital where he died as a result of the Corona virus. That is why I turn to you with my heart in hand, on behalf of my little sister my mother and mine to help us In this moment of despair, our financial needs are extreme, any donation is very important to my family because we have been left helpless Since my father was our greatest support and I know that with the help of the Lord and yours we will be able to move forward, I also ask you to please share this information because so many other people with good hearts will have the opportunity to collaborate with us. I pray to God for the end of this pandemic, I pray for the health of your family and I beg you to help us overcome this critical situation May the LORD bless you all Hola Mi nombré es Raul Ospina jr

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