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Get well soon Reanna!

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For more information:

Reanna Mills was addmited into the hospital Thursday evening after having back to back seziures. She ended up having emergency brain surgery this past Tuesday (4/21) to remove a tumor/mass from the right side of her frontal lobe. I am very happy to say the surgery went well. They did a biopsey of the tumor and didnt find any cancer.  We are now praying for a quick and full recovery. She just got home yesterday under the condition that she has 24 hour care.  Unfortunatly this happend at the worst time possible. She lost 3 jobs due to the corona virus along with not having medical insurance. I am creating this to help put a dent in her outstanding medical bills and make sure her bills are paid throughout this unsure time. Reanna will see her surgen again on Tuesday where they will evaluate her physical and mental state along with make sure that they got all of the tumor out. If not she will have to go through radiation treatments. So let's pray that they got it all out!

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