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Help Louis

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For more information:

Hi everyone, I’m Michaela Louis mum. I’m making a desperate plea to help my son Louis. 

Louis has been living and working in China for the last 5-6 years as a teacher. When the Corona Virus broke, he left China and travelled to safety on an Island called Koh Samui. This is a small island off Phuket. On Tuesday 30th June 2020 he travelled back to Phuket to try and return back to normal life.  Louis made contact with me to say he had arrived safe and well.

In the meantime we don’t know how/where/why/what he ended up in a Thai prison. We have contacted the British Embassy who haven’t been forthcoming. And trying to get any contact with Louis is near on impossible. All we know at this time is that he need £5200 GBP to get bail. Then he’s going to need solicitor’s fees. Louis had given x3 Thai friends all his savings (£2500) as they’d agreed to bring it to the court for his bail. They never showed. Now Louis is stuck without a single penny to his name. 

If anyone can spare anything, anything at all, me and my family would be eternally grateful.

Thanks  Michaela

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