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In Loving Memory: Yesenia Jimenez, COVID-19 Victim

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OnMarch 28, 2020, at2:10 a.m.Eastern time, Yesenia Maria Jimenez, known to most as Jessie, passed away.

Born February 22, 1974, Jessie died only 46 years young.

As many of you might've known, she dealt with health problems for most of her life. Years of a worsening liver condition to the point of growing a cancerous tumor, to her crippling asthma, and more recently her worsening heart - would prove to be too much as she recently became ill after testing positive for the Covid-19 virus. All of this combined with pneumonia and a strain of influenza ultimately led to her passing. Within days of contracting the coronavirus, she began to have significant trouble breathing and her oxygen levels had become too low. While sedated for intubation in order to help her breathe - her heart gave out.

I'm sure I speak for everyone who knew her when I say she was a fighter. She somehow managed to keep on going years and years after her presumed life expectancy and fought to her last breath.

Her kids were her world and through everything, she was a bright light to many - someone you couldn't help but love. She was down to Earth, the sweetest person you could've met and a firecracker when it came to protecting her loved ones. She undoubtedly left a profound impact on everyone she came across, and will never be forgotten.

She was a mother to two kids whom she loved with all her heart and she made sure everyone knew. On days and holidays when things were tough she always managed to pull through somehow and make sure we had it good.

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