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In memory of Sierra Germany Warith

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Sierra Germany Warith had a smile that would warm and melt a heart. Through her love for the Lord, she persevered many obstacles - often managing to bless and encourage others in the midst of her own storms.

In 2018, Sierra married the love of her life - Mizpeh Oronotho Warith, who many know as  Ramath.  Marriage, motherhood, and completing her college work filled her heart with joy and happiness. In her own words on Facebook, "Christ 1st. Married 2.5.2018. Rom Jr 12.28.2018. Baby Boy 7.20.2020. Life is great!" And life was great, until Covid-19 took it away.

In May, Sierra entered the hospital with the corona-virus at 30 weeks pregnant. The hospital was able to safely deliver their premature son, Zephaniah, but was unable to reverse the damage the corona-virus caused on her lungs. On Saturday June 13th, one day before her 24th birthday, Sierra went to be with the Lord. She would never hold her youngest son (on this side of heaven), nor would her toddler fully understand why mom never came back home.

Would you please help this family? The expenses of caring for a preemie, funeral arrangements, Ramath not working while caring for the kids, and needing to make arrangements once he returns to work can be overwhelming. We can't take the grief away or bring Sierra back, but let's at least try to bless the family financially during this time.

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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