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Loche Family Support

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Single Dad Lost to Corona Virus - Leaves 2 Children

Chris Loche was a single dad, a brother, a friend, a volunteer firefighter and hockey coach plus a funny, friendly guy. Chris lived for his kids, 20-year old Ryan and 16-year old Kaitlyn. A veteran college hockey player himself, Chris used his passion to coach Ryan’s team, and then continued to coach two other kids’ teams after Ryan left for college. Strong, fit and swift, Chris still played hockey himself, but he was a familiar face at Kaitlyn’s dance rehearsals, recitals and competitions. And he made time to save lives and property as a volunteer firefighter. The brotherhood of Freeport Fire Department Truck Company 1 loved Chris’ smile and his stories. 

In mid-March when Chris first felt sick he thought the worst, but hoped after his fever broke that he’d be through the worst of Covid- 19. But his fever was not the worst of it. Chris ended up in the hospital in critical condition. Shockingly on March 25, this Dad with incredible love, strength and fight lost his battle against the CoronaVirus. 

Now 16 year old Kaitlyn and 20 year old Ryan are forced to figure out their new reality. The next 6 months will be a period of mourning and heartbreaking readjustment. They will struggle to make their way through the bills, financial decisions and try to go on with their lives without their Dad’s love and guidance. For Ryan that means trying to find a way to go back to (college/SUNY Binghamton). For Kaitlyn, her challenge will be to continue high school at St. John the Baptist. And they have to find a way to pay the mortgage on their family home.

We who love, honor and respect Chris Loche, his children and the way he lived, are trying to ease Ryan and Kaitlyn’s burdens. So we have created this GoFundMe page. Please give anything you can. No amount is too small. 

God bless you for any way you can help. In life Chris knew that doing his best he could was enough. Now we are trying to do the same for Ryan and Kaitlyn.

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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