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Pastors Jeff’s wife in ICU with Corona virus

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Hobart Pastor Jeff Spencer of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Hobart on Route 6 announced his wife tested positive for COVID-19 last evening after receiving a call from the hospital with test results. Spencer as a result was put on two week quarantine as well.

Spencer through social media has been telling this story over the last week on his personal Facebook page which began early last week when she started feeling ill. She had gone to the doctor on Thursday and was released till her condition started to get worse according to Spencer. Spencer said her blood oxygen levels were dropping along with a high fever and trouble breathing when she was brought back in. They brought her back to a local hospital only to have her admitted and put in ICU. The hospital immediately isolated the patient and did the Covid-19 test instead of waiting for Tuesday. Their assumptions were true when the test results came back Monday night. Currently Spencers wife is on a ventilator and sedated in isolation at a local hospital.

Spencer wanted everyone in the area to take this very serious and the news is not an exaggeration of any kind. Spencer said, “I want you to know it can effect you because it has me.” “Should you take caution while out in public, most definitely. But the most important thing you can do is pray and ask God to intervene.” He hopes the people they were in contact with do not become sick and if they are feeling symptoms to isolate themselves.

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