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Remembering Ray Tuineau

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For more information:

On Saturday August 8, 2020 the world lost an amazing man, Ray Tuineau, to complications from battling COVID-19.

Ray was married to the love of his life, Juliet Vaivaka Tuineau, and was the father of three young boys – Lotu (10), Muli (8), and Saia (6). Anyone who knew him knew that his world revolved around his little family and he would have done anything and everything for them.

As many family members and friends have started to post memories and thoughts about Ray you will find one common theme among them - Ray was always giving and thinking of others. He was the shoulder to cry on for many and was always there to just listen. He was the one to always plan to get friends and family members together to catch up. He encouraged others to be their best and reach their fullest potential. He was one of the most Christlike people, loved everyone, and always made sure everyone felt welcome when he was around.

Ray, we will miss you every day and will continue to carry on your legacy by following your example of Christlike love.

We are asking for friends and family to help care for the Tuineau family as they deal with this unexpected tragedy. As they have always shown all of their family and friends love in the past, let’s now come together to return that same love and care. Ray earned the primary income for this little family and any monetary donations will help alleviate any financial burdens that they might face in the future.

The money raised will be used to help pay for unexpected medical costs and to start saving for the three boys’ future mission and education funds.

Juliet Tuineau will be the beneficiary of this Go Fund Me, which will allow her to withdraw funds directly at any time of her choosing.

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.

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