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Save My Dad. Change our Lives.

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This is a story about my Daddy. His name is Ian Bothma. Life threw hard punches at him since a very young age. As a small boy he was bullied because of his dark complexion and lost his dad at the age of 16. Despite all of these things he has always been a hard working man, the hardest working man, and above all a God fearing man.

Up until corona virus times he was in full time employment at a mine in our small town back home. He worked there since he was 16.

Unfortunately he has not been able to work since March, when the mine was closed due to corona virus. No UIF was paid  no help was given to the employees. 

Now for the hard part. My dad had a chest pain and went to his Gp, he was taken by ambulance to hospital with heart complications. Upon arriving at the hospital they were told the mine had stopped paying their medical aid, and he was sent to a state hospital. 

I have not yet met 1 person who walked out of 1 alive in South Africa.  The conditions are poor and most times it looks like a war zone (Google it)

My dad has been there since the 21st of July. Whilst being there my dad tested positive for COVID 19. 

He has gone from having chest pains to being on a incubator and being placed in a induced coma. 

2 days ago my dad pleaded to make a plan to get him out of there. 

I hope I get to keep that promise with all of your help here. 

We need funds for a private hospital where I know he will get the care he so desperately needs and deserves. I know once he is there he will once again start fighting. 

It broke my heart receiving a text where he said I'm fighting I'm fighting but I don't have a fighting chance. 

I am asking and thanking from the bottom of my heart to help me, our family, my dad his grandchildren and everyone who loves this man so dearly.  He is our rock who gave us his everything his best his last. Please help us help him. 

Thank you and God bless


Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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