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Support for wife of COVID-19 victim

Please click here to donate via GoFundMe.

Your donation will go directly to William Valderrama and Erica Reid.

For more information:

The Valderrama family has lost a great father, grand father, great grand father and loving husband. Hugo Atileo Valderrama is survived by his wife, 4 children, 11 grand children and 7 great grand children and 2 more on the way.

Hugo was diagnosed with a growth in his Bile Duct (later to be diagnosed as cancer) back in November 2019.  A whipple procedure was performed on him in December 2019 which saved him from this cancer. There were a few complications but after fighting for several months in the hospital he prevailed and was transferred to a rehab facility on March 11. He was doing physical therapy and was getting better every day.

When the pandemic struck, they put the facility on lock down and nobody was allowed to visit. Somehow the virus still found its way in and Hugo contracted the Coronavirus. On April 10th, 2020 he was transferred to Long Island Jewish hospital because his heart rate was very high and blood pressure was low. After 2 days on IV and Oxygen, his blood pressure and heart-rate normalized. Then out of nowhere his heart-rate went up again and he was put on a monitor.

After this long fight with recovering from surgery and other complications and then contracting COVID-19, he passed away on April 13, 2020 just after midnight. We know he is in a better place now and is no longer suffering.

I am asking for your help in funding funeral costs as well as financial support for his wife of 52 years Elbesia Valderrama Ferretti. They were just about to celebrate their 53rd anniversary on 4/15/2020. Any amount  is well appreciated as it will go to the costs of the Funeral Home arrangements and will provide financial stability for Elbesia.

The Valderrama thanks you all for your support through this tough situation.

Elbesia Valderrama, William Valderrama, Erica Reid, Milagros Valderrama, Hugo S. Valderrama

Love you all!

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.

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