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Help Kshitij's Sister-In-Law Raise Funds To Undergo A Liver Transplant

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Your donation will go directly to Kshitij M

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For more information:

Hi Everyone

My name is Kshitij M and am raising funds for my Sister-in-law Shruti Sharma who is pregnant and suffering from Liver issues. Now the conditions are going critical, and she needs an urgent Liver Transplant.

Her condition is getting worst day by day as her liver is not responding and doctors suggested undergoing a transplant as early as possible which will cost us around. Rs.20,00,000 for the transplant.

Things have been difficult for us for a long time, and it breaks our hearts to see her in such excruciating pain, but we continue to hope and fight for his recovery. We never expected such a bad thing to happen to us, which is no less than a nightmare to us.

With folded hands, my family and I implore you to consider donating. My family hasn't experienced a single moment of joy in the last few months. Please help us raise the funds. Also, please share this story with your friends and family so that we can garner as much support as possible.

My sense of gratitude has no bounds. Thank you very much.

The goal amount of the campaign may be higher than the attached estimates to address and aid the post-hospitalization expenses/contingencies including but not limited to prolonged medication, diagnostics, rehabilitation therapies, and follow-up doctor visits/consultations which vary from disease to disease.

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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