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Dave Golden's Recovery from Covid-19

Please click here to donate via GoFundMe.

Your donation will go directly to Caroline Golden

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For more information:

On April 11, 2020 our Dad tested positive for Covid-19, was diagnosed with Pneumonia, and was admitted to the hospital. He spent the next 52 days in the ICU, on oxygen and bed rest, with doctors unsure if or when he would make it home. As we were unable to visit, we relied on facetime to keep in touch. Eventually, we weren't even able to facetime because he could not sustain his oxygen levels during conversation. 

On June 2, 2020 he was finally released to continue recuperating at home. Still on bed rest, he has extremely limited mobility and will not be able to return to work for the time being. With a nurse and physical therapist visiting him weekly, the costs are still adding up. 

While insurance will cover some of it, unfortunately 52 days in the ICU is an expense no one could prepare for. Times are extremely tough for everyone right now, but if you're able to donate anything it would be super appreciated, and it would certainly alleviate some of the stress of recovery. Anything at all will help our parents cover the cost of our dad's extended hospital stay.

Hope everyone is staying safe out there. 

Disclaimer: Medical Fundraising does not receive any fund from your donation. Please go directly to the above recipient’s funding link to donate. Thank you for your donation.


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